We recognize that sometimes our busy phone lines make it hard to get through to the staff. Please know that a voice-mail system is in place and will be checked for messages several times daily. Please follow the prompt carefully as instructed on the voice-mail and leave a detailed message for our receptionists. Please do not hang up and redial, this will only put you further back in the call system and take longer for us to return your call.

Prescription refills will be done during business hours only. All messages left for refills will be done the next business day if applicable. All written prescriptions must be called in for a refill 3-5 business days prior to pick up. No prescriptions will be written the day that are called in. Please make sure you have enough medication on hand at all times.

You may leave a message for the receptionists with details of the referral you may need for a specialist. Referrals usually take 24 to 48 hours to go through the system. You must leave the following information in your message:

  • Name of office and doctor where your appointment is scheduled
  • Phone number of the specialist
  • When your appointment is scheduled
  • NPI number. We cannot put a referral into the insurance system if we do not have the NPI number. This information should be given to you by the specialist
  • Diagnosis code – given by the specialist as well
  • The best contact number for you in case of any issues that may arise

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